Monday, May 23, 2011


Typical take 1
Four shots later

Cousins/Aunts/Uncles?  It all gets confusing around this age.

Maddie and Jodie, take 2 (posting take 1 may just end the great friendship Jodi and I have)

My handsome  hubby

Cousin Brad - professional wrestler

Ella's big buddy.  (We're going to miss you Brad!)


Deon said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family you have! You look STUNNING in pic #5!!!

Jodi said...

Fun post! I'm sure Brad will miss those cute kids too!!
And are correct - our friendship would most definitely be over if you posted the picture of me with the "angry" face! Not my most flattering look. :)

jwilson said...

Melissa, I LOVE your hair! You look Amazing!!!! Beautiful family! :-)