Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother Lover

To my special lady:

In just a couple of short weeks, we will be celebrating our 8th year of marriage.  That’s unbelievable to me!  Now, this isn’t an anniversary post, but as I got caught up in thinking about what we can do for our special day I totally overlooked one of the most important days of the year. 

It was last Tuesday when I realized that in five days the kids and I would be attempting to make you a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast while you were supposed to be sleeping in.  I say “supposed to be” because a pillow held tightly over your ears can only block out so much noise from the “playful” screams of our four little angels. 

I suppose I could blame my lack of awareness on the past few weeks that have been packed full of non-stop craziness, but like Jeff always says, you should treat every day like it’s (insert special day here…in this case it would be mother’s day).  In theory, my brother’s philosophy is a good one.  We should treat each other like every day is Valentine’s Day or your birthday or Mother’s Day.  Then again, if we did that, how could we appreciate these special days that only happen once a year?

Anyway, before I start busting out in the Carpenters singing about how the world needs more love, let me say these three simple words…I love you!  And seriously, more than words can ever say.  I could go on and on in my awkward way of expressing my undying love for you, but let me do it by sharing my top 5 favorite things about you.  There are only 5 because I got a late start on Tuesday.

1. Your smile.  There’s nothing I love more than seeing you happy because you don’t just smile with your mouth.  It’s like Willy Wonka created a new kind of candy especially for you that tastes like toblerone and haribo gummy bears but better and you just tasted it for the first time.  Your eyes brighten, your lips are the perfect shape and you just radiate happiness.

2. Your selflessness.  You always put others before yourself even when you shouldn’t have to wait.  It’s a reminder for me to be better and I know that the kids appreciate it, too…in their own way.  Let’s just say they will appreciate it when they get older and come to understand how much you’ve done for them.  

3. Your friendship.  You’re always so thoughtful and you remember all the important dates, unlike your absent-minded husband.  If I get stranded on a deserted island and can only bring one thing, I’m bringing you.

4. Your sense of humor.  From fist pumping to hip shaking to honking, your sense of humor is definitely one of my favorite things.  I love that I can throw out a terrible joke and you will laugh at it.  Or you will play along with a spontaneously ridiculous story because you can catch my slightest hint.

5. Your influence.  I really like myself more around you even when times are tough.  Actually, especially when times are tough.  What else can I say?  You...complete me.  It's not plagiarism if it really applies, right?

I look at you and at what we’ve accomplished over the past 8 plus years and get overwhelmed in thinking about what lies ahead of us.  You are everything I need and want and I love you so much!  Thanks for being a wonderful, beautiful, strong wife, mother and friend. 

Love, Rob


Mom said...

THIS IS SOOOOOOoooooooo beautiful. Why isn't he writing greeting cards? Heck knows there's got to be LOTS of money in that since they cost a hundred dollars each.

Seriously though...Melissa, you couldn't have found a more perfect partner, husband, father, friend than Rob. I knew you were on to something big when your brothers told you before you married him that if you ever break up...they're keeping Rob and you're out.
You have a wonderful man there, and all that he says about YOU is true.

Happy Mothers Day! This post is a keeper. I think you should print it and hang it somewhere where he can see if he ever tries to say no to new shoes. Maybe even shrink and laminate it and keep it in your purse for emergencies!! :)

Stef said...

And the husband of the year award goes to....wait for it...Rob! Good work, my BFF, you have a keeper.

Melissa said...

What a sweet surprise! I've got a real gem on my hands. Thank you, Rob, for making Mother's Day so special. I love you so, so much! XOXO said...

All I can say is WOW!! That was awesome. Rob was always very sensitive as a child but you have made him blossom. He is a keeper!! But then, you are too.

Sara said...


Deon said...

Amen to Rob being a keeper! Did you notice that every single thing he listed are things that truly matter, things that you will carry with you all of your life no matter how old you become, things that WILL matter in the eternities? He's got his priorities straight, and he's got a keeper in you, Melissa! So sweet.

Jodi said...

WOW! Way to go Rob! AWESOME post. I love you both and I'm so grateful that you are my family and my friends too!

Babcock Family said...

Rob, Im so impressed!! Didnt know you had it in ya. :) love you guys

Montgomery Q said...

I think both of you guys are great. Good job on making it 8 years.