Thursday, March 14, 2013

Puppy Love

Maddie has come home with love letters from four different boys in her class.  It's so adorable how she handles it, too.  She comes home and says, "Mom - it looks like I may have another secret admirer..."

"Oh yeah?  Is it really a secret, or do you know who it is?"

"Well - I know who it is already."

"Oooooh!  Do you like this one?"

"Well, not really in that way - but I think it's nice that he likes me."

I'm waiting for the day she comes home with a letter from the boy that she adores. I think that reaction will be my favorite.

Anyway, I wanted to share two of my favorite notes.

#1 - Maddie you smell like a flower. XOXO - Gros why did I write that?

Awesome because it was done in classic second grader fashion.  Love and embarrassment tied into a one line sentence.

#2.  Dear Madelyn, You are nice and pretty and carrying for others.  I like how you write stuff in your journal and I hope you love this letter and I wonder how you got it. And you are really nice to others and look on the back.

(Turn page over)


I love you!

Okay, now number one was unbelievably funny - but how incredibly sweet is number two?!  This kid is waaaaay beyond his years in knowing what to look for in a girl.

I found out today that this letter was given to her from the boy in her class that is often in a wheelchair.  He has some sort of muscle difficulty and in Maddie's words "sometimes he just falls down."

When I asked Maddie if she had a crush on him - she gave me the usual response "I don't really like him in that way - but I'm glad we are good friends and it's nice that he likes me.  He always asks me to push him in his wheelchair and I think that's really fun."

Be still my heart - my daughter is everything I've always hoped she would be.  What a sweetheart!

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Mom said...

What happened to Oliver?? I love her kind response. Not only does #2 know what to look for in a girl, he knows what to say TO one!