Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Haps'

There have been some crazy things-a-happenin' around these parts.  Indulge me while I reminisce on a couple of cooky events that have stayed in my mind.

1.  Maddie came home from school the other day talking all about a friend she has at school. I have met him before, and he seems like an interesting character.  "Mom...I really like "Scotty".  He is such a girl's boy."

"A what?"

"A girls' boy.  He loves girl things like me.  We can talk all day about our love for unicorns and princesses. Maybe we can have him over to play dress up or something. I wish I had more friends like him."

You are going to have a great time in college, my dear.

2.  This pregnancy has given me RIDICULOUS dreams.  Over the top-where the heck did that come from- dreams.  Last night I dreamt that Rob and I were visiting our friend Brian who is an ultrasound tech.  He has helped us in the past with complication issues, etc.  So in the dream we are at Brian's office trying to determine if this baby is a boy or a girl.  Rather than laying on the ultrasound table, Rob and I are staring at the baby which is on the table and (apparently) out of my stomach although not yet developed.  Oddly enough, the baby looks like a really thick, uncooked, steak.  Brian can't seem to use the ultrasound wand on the baby/steak, so he decides the best way to find the gender is to get out a knife and fork and just start slicing it into pieces. Brian is carefully slicing while Rob is looking on with great interest.  The whole time I keep thinking, "I've never seen this method before."  After a few more careful slices Brian says, "We can't tell yet," and starts smashing the steak back together.  He explains that over the next few weeks the baby will just mold back together and be normal again.  Rob and I thank Brian for his time and go home - steak baby back in my stomach.

What the crap?!

Seeing as how it's early afternoon and all I've done today is blog - I think I'll leave it at those.  But, believe you me, there are plenty more odd-haps going down.  I'll continue to post as they pop into my mind.


Deon said...

I just don't qui-i-i-i-i-t-e know what so say. To any of that. Maybe I should wish you luck on the rest of your day? JK. Love you!

Montgomery Q said...

I hope your doctor at least lays down some butcher paper when he tries to find out the gender.

Montgomery Q said...

I hope your doctor at least lays down some butcher paper when they determine the gender.

Mom said...

Hmmm. Did you by any chance go to bed hungry?? I thought I had weird dreams! I'm sure Freud would have a field day with this one!

Melanie & David said...

This whole "baby/steak" thing got my funny bone in a really good way! I'm sitting here giggling in bed whilst my husband and baby sleep quietly around me. Like, laughing out loud practically (I don't say lol cause I'm not 13). Anyway, thanks for the belly laugh! And ps, I haven't seen that method either!