Monday, March 18, 2013

Rad Kids

Maddie has been making some major blog headlines lately, and this post is no exception.  I'll try to remember that I have other kids in the next couple of posts, but this story was just too good not to put into writing.

Two weeks ago Madelyn's school started a program called RAD kids. It is a program designed especially for second graders to teach them of the dangers the outside world has to offer.  It really covers a lot of bases from being kidnapped, to sexual and emotional abuse, to the importance of 911.  The kids learned a family passcode, about the dangers of the internet, name it.  I was unbelievably impressed with the program and how much Maddie got out of it.  She would come home on a daily basis and tell us what she learned and would show us all of her self defense moves.  She couldn't seem to get enough of it,  and as a parent I felt so empowered knowing that my daughter had been given so much knowledge on areas that I just wasn't sure how or when to tackle. 

Here's a little video from Maddie's graduation - she demonstrated escaping from three different types of attacks:  a verbal confrontation ("my puppy is lost can you help me find it"), a front facing grab, and a rear facing grab.  After each attack she runs to Rob to "tell an adult".

Yep - couldn't be more proud.  She OBVIOUSLY learned a ton.

Fast forward ONE DAY after her RAD kids graduation ceremony.  Maddie walks into the house after playing outside with five helium-filled balloons.

"Hey Mom.  I have some balloons for all of the kids."

"Balloons?  Where the heck did those come from?"

"Some guy gave them to me."

"What?!  Who?"

"Oh, just some guy driving by in a car.  He said he didn't need them anymore."

"Was it someone that you had seen before?  Was it a neighbor - or someone from church?"

"Yeah, I had seen him before - when he was driving up and down the street with the balloons."

"WAIT!  So you mean to tell me that a STRANGER pulled up in a car, offered you walked up to the car and TOOK THE BALLOONS??!!  What on earth?!  Didn't you JUST finish learning about this yesterday?!"

"Yeah, but this was different.  This guy actually HAD balloons."

"MADDIE!  You absolutely CANNOT take things from strangers!  Whether or not they actually have them!  This was the whole point of the two week class you JUST TOOK!"

Eye roll, hand on hip, sassy tone "Fine Mom.  Then why don't you just pop them. That will teach me."

You have got to be kidding me.


mom said...

I'm completely horrified. If she's seen him he stalking her???

Linz said...

Very cute and funny video! And I can not believe the balloon experience. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! That's kind of freaky.

Something Wilde said...

Oh my goodness - yikes! So...did you pop them? :) have to add claire to the sidebar.