Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Circus Freaks

Yes, that's what I felt like with a baby in Vegas. In Utah, having babies is the trendy thing to do - but once you leave the state, you might as well be carrying a monkey. Everyone stares at you like, "What IS that small creature?" They then stop everyone they are with and say, "Can you see that? What do you think that is?" This is followed by the part where they walk over, grab Maddie's hand, and begin telling us about how they actually HAVE seen one of these things before, and that it's possible that there may be one in their family tree somewhere.
It was actually quite endearing, and Madelyn LOVED the attention - it's just funny how different things are outside of Utah (but I think we ALL knew things were a bit odd here...)
Anyway, here's my cute little Monkey


Marsha said...

very cute indeed!!!

Tara said...

Now you know how Mary and I felt for the entire 6 months in Taiwan. I'm freakishly tall and she has freckles. That combination sure gets the stares. Love the new format! I was gone too long. I think it's time for a real conversation via email. I'll start it.

mom said...

Are you sure that they weren't wondering what the two monkeys were doing carrying that cute baby around???