Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Dream

Last night Madelyn was up a hundred and one times coughing. And now that I'm a mom, my spidey-hearing has kicked in, so I was up one hundred and one times as well. Somewhere in between coughs, I managed to get into dream mode - and this is what I came up with:
Rob and I are staying at my parent's house for some sort of vacation when my dad mentions that they're thinking about "down-sizing" and finding somewhere else to live. Within five minutes of this, we have a buyer. Not just any buyer - but a family that I used to babysit for back in Chicago - 7 kids. (Mom - Dad and anyone else who remembers - it was the Warners.) In my dream, I was laying in bed with Rob telling him how sad I am that the house was going to be sold - and that I am sure that all the furniture will be ruined by these seven kids. At that moment my Dad comes in and says he needs to talk to Rob and I. He announces that they've been planning on moving the family into our house. My parents will take the master bedroom - Rob, Madelyn and I will get the second bedroom - Greg and Mandy will get the office, and Sarah will sleep in the laundry room. All of us will be paying rent to my dad. He then pulls my little brother Johnny in and tells him that he'll have to find a place of his own..but that won't be a problem, because Johnny (and this is my favorite line) "has some sort of future."
In my half conscious state of waking up, I felt no relief, and no concern, I just remember thinking..."well, at least Johnny's got something going for him."

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