Friday, June 15, 2007

Filling the Void

We've had a few major events occur over the last couple of months. Here are the things that - unless you live with us - you missed. You may not have realized that you missed them, but let's be honest, you knew you were missing something.

First and foremost - Mrs. Stefanie Farnsworth is a MOM!!! I'm going to hijack a picture from Nate's (Stef's husband and Rob's BFF)blog. I hope that he's not one of THOSE people who will freak out. And yes, I enjoy using the term BFF for my husband and Nate. Maybe I should buy them matching charm bracelets. Anyway, here she is - Miss Alice Farnsworth. I love this child.

Second, Madelyn started sleeping in her "big girl bed" in March.

Third, Jude started eating solids. Here he is "enjoying" peaches. Madelyn has also decided that she likes baby food. She now eats applesauce, rice cereal, and peaches. That's, what - eighteen months late? But I always say - better late, than later.

And last but not least - Madelyn has learned to share. Well, I take that back. Madelyn has ALWAYS been really good at sharing, but now she's learning to share with Jude. He seems to appreciate it just as much as we do.


Derek & Kristine said...

My favorite is the BBQ tongs. Love that. So do you make your own baby food? I didn't know if you were one of those moms.

Stef & Nate said...

Thanks!! Alice loves you too! We should buy Nate and Rob matching BFF bracelets for Fathers Day. I am totally serious, I am looking for some right now. And, you have the CUTEST family ever!

Wilde Pair said...

Madelyn sure does give new meaning to women being "gatherers." She cracks me up!

mom said...

Boy...I really have missed alot!!
Bout time you brought those kids for a visit! Glad to see Jude's ENJOYNG the solid food thing!