Friday, June 01, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of school for all of the Utah kids. For the next three months I will be living with backround noise that is comparable to a deafaning afternoon at Chuck E Cheese's. I'm not complaining (too much) I LOVE summer, and can appreciate the joy that these kids feel running from the last day of school. But the first morning of Summer Break is the first day that I get the old pit in the stomach that once was filled with Culver. For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, this is the place that I spent every summer at for most of my life. I was a camper for six years, and a sailing instructor for three years. It is the place that I made some of my closest-lifelong friends, who I can almost guarantee, are currently experiencing the same longing that I am. I miss WATER! I miss being on the lake all day long, only to go late night swimming. I miss root beer floats with my dad, and long drives around the lake in the Wrangler. (Lets not even START on how much Summer makes me miss my Jeep). I miss waking up at 7, and riding my bike to work. I miss the silly tan line that my Tevas would leave on my feet after a long summer in the sun. Everyone always says "Culver gets in your blood." So true. I miss it dearly - but as much as I miss it, I wouldn't give up the fun I can have this summer with my husband, kids, and Stefanie. It's going to be a summer of kiddie pools, lunches, and porch swings. I'm excited. But to all of my Culver friends that follow this blog - just know that I miss you! Here are a few pictures for reminiscing.

This is the lake that I learned to sail on, and the builing where I taught it.

This was my favorite boat to teach the kids on:

But this was the coolest boat that we had:


the old guy said...

They were the very best root beer floats . . . and that time together in the late evening after a long, hot, sweaty and challenging yet very rewarding day will always be a great memory.
One of my other favorite things about Culver were the thunderstorms. Those green grey clouds that would quickly roll in . . . the huge bolts of lightning hitting the lake . . . thankful that everyone got to shore safely . . . and the loud thunder that would last forever as the sound echoed from the far corners of the lake . . . and then the calm cool air that followed . . . giving all of us a welcome break from the hot and sticky days.
Thanks to you and all of the other kids that made this such a special place to be.

mom said...

This post made me sad...for lots of reasons. Wonderful memories that you'll always have. I remember the mania of getting ready and the anticipation or passing "the doggie" knowing we were half way there. How happy the drive down was for everyone and how quiet and lonely the drive home was for me. The first night you were all gone...I kissed each of your beds goodnite. I remember your graduation...when you made camper of the year and all the happy sad tears because your camp days were thru. Then came your work at camp years. I still laugh about the X's on Jemisons eyes after a hard nite out!! But NOTHING was more fun than unpacking those footlockers and the laudry-fest that followed....clean clothes with dirty, wet with dry and even the occasional freeloading bug! You're right...those were the days.

Nate said...

How can you forget the zebra mussels? Those have to been the best part of Culver.