Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers

Water from makopp47 on Vimeo

Rob's parents bought a BEAST of a waterslide for all of the grandkids to play on. At first Madelyn was less than thrilled by the ice cold hose water - but she eventually fell in love. So much so, that she is now obsessed with reliving her experience through the pictures and videos on our computer. She throws at least one fit a day where she points at the computer and cries,"Water?? Water?"


Kim said...

That is so dang cute. I want to snuggle her in a blanket and then eat her cheeks.

kat said...

mmmm, maddy cheeks. i bet they're great with chocolate syrup. maggie loves this video, too. i've had to play it for her 3 times already.

16 MORE DAYS UNTIL I MOVE BACK! get up and dance, guys.

i'm braving the drive to utah with my two darlings today to pick up ben from the airport, and then tomorrow morning we're going to go look at a house. we'll see what happens. maggie's asking for the water moomie (movie) again. better go.

see ya!

Cory and Joanna Ellis said...

So cute! That swimming suit is seriously one of the cutest I've seen. Think they make it in mamouth pregnant woman size....?

The Carrie Collection said...

Yes her swimming suit is cute Melissa, but does it even come close to our suspender suits? I don't think so. Kids these days just have so little to choose from in the swimsuit arena. It's sad. They'll never know the joy of a bikini 1-piece.