Sunday, February 21, 2010


Dear Mac,

I love everything about you. I love your huge screen, your dainty keyboard, and your sleek and classy style. I love that when I walk into your original home, I will always be greeted by sales-people wearing thick-rimmed glasses for cool reasons. I love your commercials and your abilities, but mostly I love your timing. Thank you for loving us enough to break down one month before our warranty expired. If three more weeks had passed before you let on that your hard drive was kaput, I would have been very, very mad at you. But, no, once again - you have proven yourself to this family. You even gave us sweet and thoughtful, "you may want to back up your files," gestures before sacrificing yourself. We welcome the new and improved you back into our home with open arms. Getting reacquainted with you has taken me back to a few favorite photos that never made the blog-cut. I promise I won't put off posting family photos any more. Thanks for helping me realize one of the greatest loves of my life.....the internet.

Much love and appreciation,


Greg Kopp said...

Yeah, You've gotta love those macs... and the kids! can't wait to see everyone!!!

Mandy said...

I absolutely adore your kids! You and Rob are alright too, but those 3 always make me smile! I can't believe how big Ella has gotten! Can't wait to see all of you in a little over a week :)

Robbins said...

I tried the Mac, but now all I have is a broken down one that sits collecting dust. Oh well.

Everyone else loves them, and I would too if mine worked. Pity!

Deon said...

This post is so charming! And I love my Mac.

mom said...

GO MAC! I'm a solid, no holds barred Apple ANYTHING fan. Every single thing I have of theirs makes me smile. I need to get out more.

Maria said...

sigh. Maybe someday we'll have a mac. I was raised in a mac family...and then turned against my parents careful training in favor of cheap. my hp is good to me, but will never live up to a mac. :)