Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been a horrible, HORRIBLE Mexico blogger. I have promised so many people pictures, but the truth is...I can't beat my sister-in-law, Mandy on this one. She really has the best pictures, and has done a great job posting on our trip. Here are a few last pictures before I send you to the ultimate Mexico blog:

Click  HERE to see the rest of our trip.  Thanks, Mandy (or Greg?)  for all the pictures you took.  I am SO ready to go back.  I do have one more video, but my computer is freaking out.  I'll get to that one soon.  

P.S.  Coconut milk is GROSS.  Just gross.  Even if it does look cute with a straw coming out, believe me...not worth it!  


Wilson Family said...

Your trip looks absolutely amazing. You did so many fun things! I could go for that weather/ultra-blue water right about now. Mandy/Greg did an awesome job taking pictures. I love the one of Maddie buried up to her neck in sand by Jude, and the one of you guys in the hammock is adorable. I love it.

Robbins said...

Wow I had fun looking at your sis-in-laws blog... amazing pictures, you were right! You will have to tell them if they are ever out here in Utah I want to hire them to take pictures for me. SERIOUSLY! I love their pics.

PS: I am totally envious of your amazing blue eyes, Melissa!

Deon said...

Are you trying to make my winter even more depressing? jk. You guys look like you had the time of your lives. I loved looking at all of the pictures--kind of like having a coffee table book right on my computer :) Love it.

Stacey said...

It's coconut water if it's still green and it is soooo good. It took me a while to get used to it, but if it is nice and cold, it is amazing. It's really good for you too, especially when you are sick.

Stef said...

I just looked at ALL the pics on Mandy's site. Looks like the BEST VACATION EVER! And Mandy is a great photographer and your kids are ADORABLE!