Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video Share

Usually I am just "meh" about the Olympics.

Yes, I realize that makes me 1. un-American and 2. Awful.

No need to rub it in, I just don't get that excited about the whole ordeal...sorry.

Can I win back your faith and love by posting this video?  Because, honestly, it's the happiest the Olympics have ever made me.  Proof that there is a human in here, somewhere!

So presh.

 BDEM: Listening to Claire's unforgettable laugh as Rob tickled her little arm-pitties.


Stacy said...

Not into it either, don't know if I ever have been. Then again, I am not a tv person. So if you ask me you are TOTALLY NORMAL! :)

Mom said...

Proving again that it's nurture not nature. I don't care for all the hoopla myself...although I did wave the American flag when the US was playing Canada in hockey last time. I had to...David was singing the Canadian National Anthem. LOVED the video.