Monday, July 09, 2012


Oh, man.....I am WASTED tired - and not that I'm blogging every day again - but I feel that I should just put a little something out there from Maddie's party today.  We had nineteen kids here - followed by a trip to seven peaks with my brother and his family....AND to add to my exhaustion, today was the hardest workout in our new program.  (It's called Les Mills Pump - check it out, we love it!)

So I'll wrap up tonight with my favorite shot from all of Maddie's birthday pictures:

I told Rob that if I were a seven year old, I would have loved this party.  I hope all 19 of them felt the same!

BDEM:  Maddie was so grateful for this day.  I'm so happy that everything went well and that she felt like a princess for an afternoon!

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Mom said...

I'm so proud of the mom that you are and the friend that you are. I'm glad you've chosen to concentrate on things that really have substance and that will be remembered instead of how many raisins or black footprints are on the floor. Those things are temporary and no one will care about or remember those things, but they will care about the love and patience and time you've invested as a mother, and the selfless service you've given to friends...and even firemen.
I'm always thankful when I walk into the home of a friend and DON'T see lines on the carpet and smell cleaning products floating thru the air because I know they trust me enough to love them for who they are, not who they feel compelled to pretend to be. You've got your priorities just where they belong.