Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to Work

I guess I really cant call it work, because it's just watching my nieces two days a week. But it really is funny to see the way that they interact with Madelyn. The older niece is Abby, and the younger is Sydney. They truly are adorable. Abby (5) is getting to a very independent age - and spends most of her time running around the neighborhood with her friends. But whenever she comes home, Abby has to check on Maddie. She is constantly asking me age questions..."when I'm 15, how old will Maddie be?" I answer, and the following question will be, "and I can babysit her then, right?" Oh yes, Abby. You are going to regret asking that one day - when I really take you up on the offer.
Sydney (2) is hillarious with Maddie. We truly have the same conversations three times a day, every day. First of all she calls her Maduhwin, and she is constantly correcting Abby who often forgets Maddie's name. When I feed Maddie, Sydney has to hold the bottle with me. Her arm will get tired, so she then holds up her arm with her other arm. She is always bringing Maddie random things - like plates, or fake flowers, or toys. She then says, "Maddie wants this.." I explain that Maddie is too little, and I get.."No she's nooooot...she told me." But my absolute favorite is Sydney consoling Maddie. ANY time that Madelyn cries, Sydney is right by her side. "It's alwight Maduhwin, Don't Cwy Maddie, It's alwight.." This goes on for maybe thirty seconds every time - and when Maddie doesn't stop crying, she ALWAYS says, "I think she's sick," and walks away.
I am so grateful to have cousins close by who are so excited to help with Maddie. We really have a lot of fun together.


Cory and Joanna Ellis said...

What cute nieces you have! Good luck watching them. I bet that their silly comments will keep you smiling. Have fun!

Mom said...

I absolutly love the pictures in the pink chair!! I think Sydneys comment " I think she's sick" is hillarious!! I'm gonna email Cathy and make sure she see's those pictures. Cutest gift ever!