Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Insert foot into mouth..

I know what you're all thinking, but no, it actually wasn't me this time.
We have a neighbor that always seems to know exactly what not to say. Up until this point, she has said nothing but sweet things about Madelyn. She is brought to tears every time she sees her - and is constantly talking about how beautiful she is. Well, last night she came over and began gushing about my "precious baby." She sits down on the arm of the chair that I am feeding her in, and starts playing with her hair, and touching her cheeks. Then she begins: "Those eyelashes just curl right up, don't they? Gosh she's beautiful. Look at that hair - It's so gorgeous. I have to say, she looks like her daddy. Do you know how lucky you are? She is perfect. Just perfect. I don't think I can find a single thing wrong with her. Except she's kinda chunky. And her ear is crooked."
Apparently - Maddie is almost perfect. But we should probably look into liposuction, and maybe ear reconstruction. Then she'll be perfect, just perfect.

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Mom said...

I'm sure she got those ears from the WILSON side...hehe That was a riot! It's so fun being able to keep up on how Maddie is changing. It won't be so shocking over the holidays when she comes to visit!!