Friday, September 23, 2005

Maddie's Angels

I swear that Maddie sees angels. I will walk in the room and find her laughing at nothing - and watching something go back and forth, but there's never anything there. Then she will start playing "shy baby" with the same spot she's been laughing at. She will smile at it, then look away - then look back and smile again. She is such a flirt! I guess if there have to be ghosts in my house, I'm glad that they make her laugh. That's reassuring - if she starts screaming at those things, I'm moving!
As Rob and I were giving her a bath tonight, we were talking about how different life is. Now instead of going out to a movie, we stay in and give baths. The funny thing is I enjoy this so much more. I absolutely love being a mom. It truly is the most amazing and fulfilling thing I could possibly do with my life.
We took some pictures tonight.. and Yes, Rob really does feed her in the middle of the night. He is the most wonderful husband and father. I truly consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world. I have a healthy, happy, beautiful daughter, and I'm married to my best friend. Does it get any better than that?

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Mom said... doesn't get any better than that!! Except maybe being a grandma and watching your kids love having their own kids. I remember our own bath time with 6 of was really more like a bath production line. I'd wash you all and then hand you off one by one to dad waiting with a towel who would dry you and put on diapers and tee shirts till I was finished and put on your p.js We were pooped at the end, but had sweet smelling cherubs to show for it all. Ahhhh the good ole days. Love the updates!! keep em coming