Sunday, July 08, 2007

Since We're Not Celebrating...

Madelyn is two today - but we're not having a party until later this week. It's been super crazy with our family reunion, so we decided she wouldn't care if we put off her party. I figured I would take a minute, and post some pictures of Madelyn taken today, and post a few little know facts about her. We'll call it a "Madelyn Spotlight" - if you will.

Madelyn loves water - tub, pool, drinking, you name it. She'll even go on the big water slides by herself.

Madelyn loves to dance - and she's quite good, if I do say so myself.

Madelyn has two favorite songs: Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears, and The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani. She can sing a lot of the words to both.

Madelyn is (and has been since birth) the worst sleeper. Jude outsleeps her by at least 4 hours/night.

Madelyn's best friend is the dog next door named Gilly. She can spend hours a day standing at the fence playing with her.

Madelyn knows most of her colors, ALL of her body parts (even down to details like eyebrows) can count to ten, and is amazing at puzzles.

Maddie hates anything sweet. She hates fruit, juices, and candy. She only drinks milk and water.

She's an AMAZING manipulator - even at this age. Example: Maddie asks for bubbles, I tell her no. She then jumps up and down with sheer excitement screaming, "Yay!! Bubbles!! Okay!!" And runs to find bubbles.

Madelyn is SUPER independent. She likes to play on her own, and enjoys entertaining herself. She's also very good with kids, and plays very nicely - she doesn't hit, and she's really good about sharing.

Maddie LOVES to cuddle.

Maddie loves to make people laugh. The girl is pure hilarity.

Madelyn is one of my best friends. I genuinely enjoy her company and am so proud to call such a cute girl my daughter.

Happy Birthday Madelyn! I absolutely adore you!


Something Wilde said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! I love reading about all of your adventures. I hope being 2 is as great as being 1!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Miss Maddie...we love you and we are so happy that you are part of our family!
P.S. One of my favorite things about Maddie is the way she gets all excited and says "water!" and jumps up and down! She is too cute!

Ashlee said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Maddie!! I see a celebratory lunch on the horizon...

(See, I come out for Miss Maddie too. I simply love her).

And I cannot believe how grown-up she looks in that last picture!

Miss you, Melis...

the old guy said...

Fantastic posting mom! and the pictures are great! Hope you had a happy birthday Maddie!

kat said...

yea, happy birthday maddie! can't wait to hang out with you all the time when we move back to utah (lehi, to be exact).

love, maggie

p.s. do you want to take a gymnastics class with me this fall?