Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Big Winners

Using a random number generator I entered 1-27, and it picked the numbers 5 and 25.

That means our lucky winners are:


#5 - Bruce
#25 - Bonnie

Congratulations to you both - I will whip up some cookies (most likely on Sunday) and get them sent out (or hand delivered) by the beginning of next week.

For all of you others - thank you so much for all your comments and entries.  I WILL continue to do baking giveaways, because - truth is...I LOVE to bake...and hate to have all those extra goodies sitting around my house!

I have to say that it is nice to be back.  Not blogging that first night was brutal.  It actually woke me up in a panic a couple of times, but I HAD to prove to myself that life would go on even if I didn't blog.  And guess what?  It did.

I'll keep updating, whenever I feel like I have something important to say - which I'm sure is much more frequently than you'd think.

Thanks again to everyone that entered...I was expecting maybe five entries, but was very flattered by all of you that stopped by to comment!

Till tomorrow next time!


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