Thursday, June 07, 2012

Government Folk

Yesterday Rob had to call the post office - and after hanging up the phone he said, "Man...working for the government must be miserable.  These people are always so rude and unhappy."

That might just be working for the postal service in general. (Although, for a while our postman was delightful.  Then he got transferred and we were assigned the mail grinch.)

Then today our recycling pick up didn't come for the second week in a row.  I tried calling the number on the website - but they explained I'd need to call someone else and courteously gave me the number for the correct department.  I called the second department and the woman told me that she had no information on that - and that I would need to call Waste Management instead. Okay, fine....happy to do it.  She then starts giving me the number - but her phone keeps cutting out.

Twice I tell her that her phone is cutting out, and that I can't hear the last numbers she is trying to give me.

She finally says, "Well...if you would just stop talking you'd be able to hear me."

HELLO!  I know these people are miserable, but I didn't see THAT coming.

Remember the couple of times that "Comcast Cares" left comments on my blog about my being unhappy with Comcast?  (Rob was surprised they didn't enter to win cookies)

Do you think there's a government department out there scanning blogs to make sure we are happy with the government's handling of customer service?  Yeah, me neither.  At least Comcast cares.  I can be happy with that (while my Dish Network cable runs in the background)  

BDEM:  High of 79?  Perfection!

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