Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cute, No?

I'm constantly on the look out for awesome short hairstyles.  I found this one and pinned it:

But then I somehow stumbled (I really don't know where I clicked) to a page of "similar cuts" and they were completely NOT my style.  So much so that I began to question the actual cuteness of this haircut.

It's cute....right?  

Even though I'm "trying" to grow out my hair - I keep looking at Kat's hair....and envying it...and then obviously looking online for similar cuts.  How does a  lady this pregnant look SO STINKING HOT?!!  

I always feel like I have to grow out my hair to be pretty....but by golly - I just love how rockstar Kat looks.  Ahhhh....the punk in me will always prevail.  Somebody get this girl a (new) spike armband.  

BDEM:  Getting called out on being baby hungry.  I still don't know that I am...but hearing someone say it really made me wonder if I possibly was!  


Jodi said...

Yes..the haircut is very cute and would look great on you! I love your hair either way, but I would have to say you look mighty "rock star-ish" with short hair. You wear it well!

kathryn said...

I love you, Melissa!!!! Thanks for saying my hair is hot- you made my day! As for the first haircut you posted, very cute. I love.

Go. Cut thy hair. And then... get thee pregnant. Sound good?

Kim said...

It's true. Kat's hot.