Friday, June 08, 2012

This week we were planning on taking the kids to a  parade that looked a little something like this:

We've never taken the kids - who are DYING to go - and this week seemed like the perfect time.  Then a couple of things happened, and we were no longer able to squeeze it into our schedule.  Want to see me depressed?  Just say that you're going to Disney in front of me.  My brother and his wife (who we were planning on going with) are gearing up for the trip, while we are  gearing up for another parade on our "stay cation"  (BTW - do people just use that term to be optimistic?  Is there anything really fun about staying when you could be leaving instead?!)

Our local parade will probably look something like this:

Hopefully the kids won't know the difference.  After all - they haven't ever been to a parade maybe this will be awesome for them.

...kind of like the time we took them to Disney on Ice and told them it was Disneyland.  

BDEM:  Spur of the moment lunch date with the ladies in my neighborhood.  I'm so glad they are looking out for my social life - I certainly don't.  

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Jodi said...

Sorry! I hope you get to take the trip soon. Just know that we are always up for a trip to Disney - ALWAYS!