Friday, June 01, 2012

You Came Back?

{I sure am glad that you did. I ain't making no promises or nothin, though.}  

This came in the mail today.

Upon seeing it Ella said, "MOM!  Why there's a picture of you?!" (Thats not an error. Those were her exact words.)

Oddly enough, it wasn't the first time the connection has been made.

BDEM:  I fell in love with THREE shirts at Downeast today.  That never happens.  Even more than the shirts, I fell in love with another dress.  Granted, I didn't buy any of them - but I do love successful browsing.  It's always good for the self esteem!  

Don't forget to enter Thursday's cookie giveaway - I'll draw two names on Monday!!

Water:  NEVER AGAIN.  That died with the daily blogging.


Deon said...

Yup, I came back, but more importantly, so did you! I always knew you were an over-achiever! Atta girl, Melissa :D

BTW, I hope that through all of the recent comments to you by so many readers that you are feeling the luuuuuv.

Wilson Family said...

That is too funny! Tom actually said that you resembled her the other day when the Progressive commercial came on.

Glad you're still blogging... Your posts are hilarious.

Jodi said...

I keep coming back...every night, hoping to see another post. I guess I'm addicted now!