Thursday, June 14, 2012

T-Ball Pros no attention to the fact that in ALL my pictures, the bat has already swung past the ball that is still sitting on the tee.  Because with the exception of that....I assure you, they are pros.

Prepared Fielders

Check out the gross factor on this pink eye victim.  You should have seen her sneeze - I thought my friend Stacy was going to vomit!  

"I think I look cuter with my hat on sideways - but it's your call, Mom."

Her adorable T-Ball buddy, Makinlee

Cheering on the Fireballs

Almost a homerun

Almost a hit into the innocent fans.

I see a strong future for them both in the major leagues.  

BDEM:  My friend, Katie, hosted a super-cool party for her son - and the three older kids couldn't have been happier.  They must have thanked me ten times for letting them go (as if I have ever said no to someone else entertaining my kids for a couple of hours?!).  

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