Thursday, May 31, 2012

We Did It!

Lo hicimos!!

I usually blog in the evening, but tonight I am going to sit in front of the television - or maybe indulge in a good book while enjoying the silence of my home.  It's going to be an interesting schedule change.  Every night we have family prayers, and while Rob reads a story for the kids I sneak out to the computer to blog.  (I then schedule it to pop up at 10:18pm...I have no idea why I chose 10:18 - or why I even do that, it's just habit)

So, ONE YEAR.  That's 365 posts that you all suffered through.  Some were meaningful - many were lame - but it's done.  Thanks for putting up with my silly little goal - and a special thanks to my sister in law, Jessica, who inspired me to do this to begin with.  I needed family pictures taken, and she (after blogging every day for a month) said she would take photos of anyone who could blog for a month straight.  It just kind of snowballed into a weird obsession from there.  (Here's a bit of foreshadowing for you...I am still obsessed.)

Rob has been so supportive through all of this.  He often reminds me if I have gotten off of my usual schedule and never complains that our favorite show is still sitting on pause, or if our red mango is melting while I stare at the computer.  I can only smile when I know he is reading the blog and I hear him let out a chuckle.  He is hands down my biggest supporter. 

 I hope this year of blogging brought a tiny bit of happiness into your life - or made you laugh at least once.  Keeping my blog a positive place to visit has always been my main priority.  I feel like the internet has enough bad stuff on it already, so why not put some laughs out there.  

I'm not saying that I am going to blog EVERY single day, but I will make it a priority in my life. And wrapping this up has actually got me quite sentimental, and a bit nostalgic.  I'm crazy like that.  I can tune into a TV show for the first time, and if it's the series finale you can guarantee I am in tears.  Something about those cheesy photo/video flashback montages just sends me over the edge.  Mostly I get sad when I know something fun is coming to an end, and my friends....THIS HAS BEEN FUN.

I looked at my blog statistics over the last year, and I was blown away when I realized that this page has been loaded over 45,000 times over the past year.  I'm not saying I have that many followers - but that does mean a lot of people have checked up on us a lot of times.  

I'm really feeling the love.  Thanks for the support!  Don't forget to enter the cookie giveaway in yesterday's post. 

Signing off....for now!

One last BDEM for the year:

BDEM:  Maddie's last day of school.  I got there (in all my stinkiness) and was able to spend the last half hour of her last day of first grade.  She has had such an amazing teacher this year - and I could feel the love that she has for her students...especially our quirky little actress!  We played duck-duck-goose (my gosh those kids are fast) and ate treats.  Another end.  Oh come all my sentiments!!     


Marissa said...

Dan will back me up when I say I've been dreading this day probably even more than you've been looking forward to it :(. Waking up each morning knowing that I get to check in with you and your kids and some fresh bit of fun or funny starts the day on the very best foot. Not to mention helps us miss you all just the tiniest bit less for getting to feel so connected. I'm proud of you for sticking to it and So grateful for all your hard work to make us all feel like a part of your lovely little family this year. So, you know, if ou were to keep it up, I'm sure no one would be disappointed :). Enjoy a well deserved free evening tonight, but know that we all look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Nicole said...

Congrats on making it through the whole year! That is awesome!

Sara :-) said...

totally inspiring!! i HEART you!!!!

the old guy said...

Thanks Melissa for all those postings! Even though we're a thousand miles away, it was like being there everyday for dessert!
Love Dad
p.s. nice hat!!