Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feathery Friends

Maddie felt like such a grown up when she got to be part of the feather-in-your-hair club last weekend.  All of her cousins were getting them tied in, and Madelyn wanted one sooo-hoooo-HOOOOO bad.  I believe those were her exact words.  Rob was a bit ho-hummish about it at first, but I reminded him that if everyone else is doing it - it's always the right choice!  And before Rob could object Maddie had her feather picked out and was sitting in the chair getting it done.  Now everyone she sees gets to hear about how she lost a tooth AND got a feather in her hair.  She then reminds them she's almost a teenager.  (It's amazing how often the word teenager comes out of her mouth.)  **As a side note - Rob now thinks it's adorable**

A delicate procedure

Looking so old

The whole crew with the PEZ dispensers cool Aunt Jodi bought them.  (Very attractive, Jude)  
Thanks for the fun adventure Jeff, Jodi and kids!  We're looking forward to the next one!  


Sara said...

isn't it funny how some kids (girls) are 2 going on 20 their whole lives!!! agh! I have a couple of my own! Then I have one who asks me to buy boy clothes for her! haha! crazy how they can be so young and so different and yet from the same family and environment! They come to earth already knowing who they are and what they want!

Jodi said...

She looks like a real rock star! Love her and LOVE the pink feathers.