Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Tooth

**Photo provided for visual interest - and is in no way, shape or form related to this post**
It has been a full week since Madelyn announced the loose tooth.  I'm actually quite surprised that it hasn't fallen out on it's own yet - which makes me wonder....

Did your teeth just fall out, or did your parents pull them?!  Rob tried to scare Maddie into pulling it last night with the "you're going to swallow it," story - but she's not biting.  (Wow....that pun really wasn't intended.  I guess I'm just THAT funny.  Okay, only my dad enjoyed that joke.) Anyway, how many of your teeth fell out on their own?  If they were pulled, what was your parents' method of choice?  I'm fairly sure I lost all of mine (with maybe one or two pulled by method of dental floss and a slip know around the tooth).  My brother said he actually just used pliers on his kids - ouch!  My in-laws want to tie it to a door and slam it, but I can't wrap my head around that one...I thought that was only done on cartoons.

Sorry to blog about this, again, but it's the new family pet.  "How was the tooth today?"  "Are we ready to pull that thing yet?"  "Does it hurt?"

Madelyn has been asking a lot of questions about the Tooth Fairy, and I'm running out of answers.  I honestly have no idea what her middle name is, and if she prefers pink - or dresses more like Tinkerbell. Rob casually mentioned that he hoped she was still around because she's been gathering teeth for a long, long time, to which Madelyn replied, very solemnly, "Is the Tooth Fairy dead?"  I think the tears in Maddie's eyes helped Rob learn his lesson about making Tooth Fairy jokes.

I'm just hoping she comes soon.  Even if it's via a tooth pull.  Tell me your favorite method of tooth removal, and hopefully tomorrow's post will be a cute picture of a hole in Maddie's mouth.


Nic said...

My mom pulled the majority of my teeth out. She would always use a couple of squares of TP folded up (for grip) and just yanked.

I used this method for kids I have babysat as well as nieces and nephew and it has always worked. Kids didn't seem as scared of this compared to pliers or the doorknob.

Snarr mama said...

That's also our preferred method. ;) If the tooth is ready, it works like a charm.

john kopp said...

Ok, first off, I loved the pun. Thanks for the plug!
Second, I don't remember pulling very many of your teeth - we always said they will come out when they are ready. And I don't remember any of you swallowing your teeth. Even if that happens, it will always come out in the end (sorry - had to do that). After one or two loose teeth the kids usually build up the "gum"ption (sorry) and pull it out themselves. Maybe there were one or two that were just "hanging" there - a dental floss noose (ok-so I'm not really sorry at all!) will do the trick.
Third, we all know that "the tooth fairy"'s middle name is, of course "tooth".