Friday, July 01, 2011

Juuuuuuust Kidding!

Did you come back?  JUST to see if maybe I'd post one more time?  Well, you're right.  I couldn't stay away.  I'll try to post more often.  I'm even considering a blog-a-day for a whole year.  Think I could do that?  CONSIDERING is the key word here.  I still have four kids five and under.  We'll see.

We took a family hike last weekend and had a jolly old time.  It would have been a fairly easy hike for just Rob and I (thank you, Insanity) but by the end the kids were so-totally-done.  Rob carried Claire on his back, and we both took turns carrying Ella.  Despite the three falls and four meltdowns, it actually was some great family bonding time.

Ella leads the pack

Baby in hat.  So cute.  More to come.

Claire's hiking face

Family Photo Op. Three out of four kids looking at the camera = success. 

My baby blue.  A little Asian couple said "he" was the littlest hiker they had ever seen.  The also called "him" handsome in "his" hat.  It's my fault for putting her in blue.  

Proof I was there.

Taking a break.

This picture scared me to death. Claire was hanging out over the water. 

Roaring Rapids

The destination

Strong Man
My hero


Nic said...

hahaha I think it is an Asian thing with the babies - My daycare provider was from China and she always called Courtney "he" or "his" and a little boy there she would call "she" and "her" LOL Drove me CRAZY!!!

Stef said...

YES! That time I blew on the dandelion and wished that you'd keep on posting came true!

Deon said...

Whoa! If you thought YOU were scared about Claire hanging over the water, think how SHE felt about it all! jk. You guys make the cutest family e-v-e-r. EVER.

Stacey said...

I did come back just to see and was pleasantly surprised by a new post. I love those water falls. Haven't been for years though.

Marissa said...

Ha!!! I totally just checked in expecting to find yesterday's post. Very excited to see a new one!!! You're looking awesome, by the way!

kathryn said...

Oh, I miss summer hiking in Utah... It's too damn hot out here (and yes, it's so hot it needs an expletive to describe it... Sorry if you're blog is supposed to be G-rated)

Sara said...

yeah for battle creek! fun, eh?