Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still No....

Sorry, folks.  No picture of a little gal with a missing tooth.  She is determined to let this thing fall out on its own, and what kind of mom would I be if I went around crushing the tooth-dreams of a six year old?  So instead, since I'm totally lacking on blogging ideas, I'm just going to give you the run down of our house today.

1.  I have told Madelyn about five times that makeup in not an every day thing.  She got some for her birthday, which I am thrilled about, but now she wants to reapply every hour of every day.  How much blue eyeshadow does a six year old need?

"Do I look like a teenager now?"

2.  I am in a constant computer battle with my kids.  They are summertime obsessed.  Maddie's boyfriend, Oliver, introduced them to a website called something like that, and they play it so often that Ella walks around the house whistling the background music.
3.  Oh yeah, Ella whistles.  She has been able to whistle since she was about fifteen months old and both Maddie and Jude are ridiculously jealous. (This has nothing to do with my house today...just a side note to make the list seem longer and possibly more important)

4.  I made a list of dinners that I really want to try making this summer.  One of these days I'm going to get to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients.  It has made me much more excited about cooking.  Here are a few of the meals I'm stoked about: salmon burgers, avocado egg salad, chicken pesto french bread sammies, hawaiian pineapple chicken, sweet potato fries, and baked zucchini with mozzarella.

Salmon Burgers....I'll keep you posted
5.  Jude just ran up to the computer to do one thing:  Oink at me.  He then said, "MOMMY!  Don't you know that when I oink you're supposed to get me my water bottle?"

6.  I have spent the afternoon secretly sneaking Maddie's Bubble Tape bubble gum.  I am immediately taken back to summer days in the early 90s. My mom used to let my 5th grade boyfriend and I bike to the local 7-11, so we could spend our allowance on candy.  Bubble Tape was one of my favorite things to buy.

7.  I haven't had a Coke Slurpee all summer.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

8.  I am now ending this post so I can think of ways to convince my husband to get Red Mango tonight.  You've never heard of Red Mango?!  Get out from under your rock and go get some.  Be ready to hate it the first time (since you were actually looking for ice cream) and then have no idea why you have to have it again.  Then move as far away from a Red Mango as humanly possible so you don't spend all day, every day thinking about it.
My favorite thing


Snarr mama said...

#1 sounds so much like my Avery. Ever since Santa brought her a vanity she applies her make-up ALL. THE. TIME. We usually find ourselves waiting for Avery when it's time to leave somewhere. She MUST apply just the right shade of lipstick along with body glitter. :)

Maria said...

Rudy came to the computer just as I was bringing up this post. He says to me..."ooooh-look at that girls beautiful lips!" :)

Mandy said...

Mmmm Red Mango! So jealous :)