Friday, July 08, 2011

Happy 6th, Madelyn

July 6, 2011
My oldest is six today.  I cannot believe I'm the mother of a soon-to-be first grader.  I think she has matured more in this past year than ever before.  She went into kindergarten loving pink, princess, girly, fairy anything.  Now it's all about rockstar colors and music on her ipod.  She wants to wear make-up, and has a boyfriend.  "...we're not really in love, we are just pretend in love right now. But I will marry him after college."  Kills me.

Madelyn wants to be a rockstar by the time she's ten.  And, honestly, she has the talent, sass and creativity to do it!  If I wasn't so scared of the life that always seems to follow child stars, I'd get this girl an agent.  (I'll wait for another time to post the song she wrote about the Amrerican Flag.  Classic.)  She's into all of the (as she calls them) teenager shows on The Disney Channel, and hardly cares about kid cartoons anymore.

Even though she's so grown up, the truth is that Madelyn is still SUCH a sweetheart.  She is kind, loving, thoughtful, and so unbelievably obedient.  I'm not sure there is a mean bone in the kid's body.  She is sugar, spice and everything nice.  She was given a principal's award for showing respect to her fellow students at a school assembly - and I think that really sums it up.  She's just a respectful kid.  I am proud to be her mother and proud of who she is.

Happy sixth birthday to the sweetest girl I know.  Love you, Maddie!


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! That is the BEST picture of you, I love it!

Jodi said...

Sweet girl - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE! Love you LOTS!

Something Wilde said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Deon said...

So lovely. It is obvious that Maddie is the sweetheart she is because of the kindness and love shown to her by her momma and dad. Give her a big happy birthday hug from me--tell her it's from one of her mom's biggest fans :D