Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mommy Moments

Whenever I put Claire down for a nap, she reaches out for my arm, and pulls it as close to her as she possibly can.  I know it's a simple little gesture, but it's a constant reminder of what I am to this little girl, and how much she loves and needs me.  It always makes me stop, smile and appreciate the little moments we are able to share.


Deon said...

Wow. Even though you say it is a simple little gesture, there is a very deep well of lessons to be gleaned from Claire's action, not the least of which is that babies are so much more aware than we often acknowledge, and that our own responses to their small gestures could make the world of difference in their lives. Good for you for being so tender and still (as in, unhurried) enough to notice Claire's little tug at your heart :)

Linz said...