Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucky Ducks!!

So I'm a bit late...and blogging from my phone - but I'm too busy tonight to make it a long one. We are at Rob's work part which is taking place at an MLS (major league soccer) game. ( me some soccer!) My lucky husband was picked to play a game on the field at half time, and just won us an iPad 2! What a hero!! So excited to get home and sell this thing. JUST kidding! I've wanted one for AGES!

It's a great night!


Linz said...

I Like your blog title.

WHOO-HOO!!! Now that's an exciting and successful date!!

Deon said...

You are lucky ducks!!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE your ipad!

Melanie said...

Was that by chance a Real Salt Lake game??? Cause I was there too ....but neither my husband nor I won a thing....except a $4 bottle of water that held exactly 2 sips in it (and that we didn't WIN so much as had to pay for....) we're just not lucky ducks I guess!