Thursday, July 07, 2011


Rob's cute parents joined us for a spectacular fireworks show.  We had a few of our own - but the show continued deep into the night with all of the neighbors taking turns showing off their purchases.  It was a perfect end to my third favorite day of the year.  I had hoped to get some more pictures, but the rain kept my camera in hiding.

Grandma, Ella and Roxy.  Photobomber - Jude. 

Jude, Papa and Maddie

Thanks to the legalization of aerials, no neighbors could call the cops on us this year.  

Jude's FAVORITE.  He begs every year for the froggy.  Its eyes light up, and fire shoots out of its mouth.  Always a crowd pleaser.

Master of Ceremonies...and a couple of duds.  
Thanks Grandma, Papa and Roxy for celebrating with us!


Deon said...

I have to say, that legalization of the aerials has me scratching my head just a tad. We sure had a spectacular show though!

kathryn said...

Awesome fireworks! We had the cops pay us a visit at ours : ). And yes it is crazy that our baby girls are going to be in first grade. Sometimes it makes me want to cry... I get it now when I think back to all the times people have told me "enjoy your kids while they're young because they grow up fast!"