Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My Chubber Dubber

Claire Bear is six months old today.  It's killing me how fast this has gone by.  As I do the "Will I - Won't I," argument in my brain (you know...the one where you try to decide how many kids you plan on having) I just keep going back to how quickly this past six months have gone by.  Lucky for me, she still wants to be a baby in a lot of ways.  She rolls, but isn't too mobile - and really enjoys being held.  That makes for lots of snuggle time.  Her latest trick is a cheesy, fake laugh along side a crooked smile and one squinted eye. I find myself seeking it out constantly.  Makes my day every single time.

She's huge, hence the nickname Chubber Dubber.  She is already wearing the same clothes that Ella wore last summer.  I'm talking 2T - 3T, people. I'm guessing her size will be the only defense she has against Ella once she's more mobile. It really is survival of the fittest around here - and Ella seems to have most of the control.  But she's soft, sweet, and has the most kissable cheeks ever.

I just want to sit back and enjoy this time I have with her, because in my eyes she is absolutely perfect.

Happy half-birthday, baby!  Your mommy loves you!


kathryn said...

you will, you will!

Wilson Family said...

2t-3t! Holy cow! I love chubby babies! She is such a doll.