Saturday, December 17, 2011

Because Everybody Loves Santa, Right?

Santa has called our home on more than one occasion this year.  Mostly it's to tell Ella that he just saw her hit Jude, and that the forty five minute tantrum where she kicked the door and screamed bloody murder were not helping her cause this season.

But now that we're getting REALLY close, I need to show them THIS:

Click HERE to get a free, personalized video from Santa where he either congratulates those on his good list, and chews out those on the naughty list.  Okay, he doesn't really chew them out - he just gives a little bit of encouragement and says there is still time to change their ways.

BDEM:  I love listening to Ella sing Christmas carols.  If asked, she can't.  She giggles too much and suddenly becomes super shy.  (Yes, this is the same Ella I mentioned earlier)  But if you catch her when she doesn't know you're watching she has the cutest little voice, and unbelievably adorable-pretend lyrics to all the songs she sings.  Oh, and she'll even improvise with a whistle when she can't remember or make up the words fast enough.  Ella has been whistling since she was 18 months old, and she's actually gotten pretty good over the years!  (Maddie is still really jealous that her little sister can whistle and she can't!)

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mom said...

:) The more you write about Ella, the more I flash back to being your mom! AND...I don't remember even pronouncing the mothers curse "I hope you have one just like you." This probably means she'll grow up to be a wonderful woman and mother.