Thursday, December 08, 2011

Recipe Share

And since it's Christmas time, it's obviously going to involve chocolate and mint. If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me.

Today's recipe was borrowed from my friend, Lisa. She OOZES class, and never ages. One of those timeless beauties. Check out her awesome blog, HERE!

8 ounces BAKER'S Semi-Sweet or Milk Chocolate (depending on your mood - I made semi sweet this round)
1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
36 Ritz crackers
1 peppermint candy cane, crushed (6 inch)


Microwave chocolate in small microwaveable bowl as directed on package. Stir until completely melted. Blend in extract.

Dip crackers in melted chocolate, completely coating crackers with chocolate. Carefully scrape off excess chocolate. Place on waxed paper-covered baking sheets; sprinkle with crushed candy.

Refrigerate thirty minutes or until chocolate is firm.

Easy, crispy, Christmas yummies!

BDEM:  Tonight we spent a few hours with Rob's cousin Tom and his beautiful wife, Angie. They live in Iowa now, and are only here for a few days, so we were lucky that we both had a night to get together in the middle of this chaotic wonderful season.   It was so great to sit and laugh with them.  Rob and Tom grew up only a few houses from each other, so all of Rob's childhood stories start with, "I remember the time that Tom and I..." Tom was one of Rob's best childhood friends - so we jump on any opportunity that we get to visit with them.  

One thing that is really fun is that both of our families have a Madelyn - spelled the same.  They also have the same last name.  Maddie's best friend is also named Madi, so we are fairly used to calling our Maddie by Maddie (insert last name).  So tonight when we were trying to talk (sternly) to our Maddie, using her last name didn't help at all, and poor other Maddy kept getting the sad, "Why are these strangers yelling at me?" face.  

Great seeing you, Tom and Ang....we'll look for you on The Facebook!


Lisa said...

You little sweetheart! Thank you for the kind shout out!

Something Wilde said...

Love Lisa's blog!

Kelly and I make these little bites of deliciousness every year!! LOVE them! We've never sprinkled the candy cane on top though...we'll have to try that this year.

Deon said...

Thanks to Lisa, I made these too! I felt so accomplished :D