Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My Favorite {holiday} Things

We are without interweb for a little bit. Yes, it has to do with the Comcast squabble...we dropped them, but have yet to figure out our next move. So I'm back to phone blogging for a bit...kind of reminiscent of my camp days last summer. Expect lots of errors, and no pictures for a few days.

Since I'll be needing some fun movies to watch while living in cable limbo, I'm hoping some of you are willing to share your favorite holiday flicks.

Here are my top 5 holiday movies:

5. A Christmas Story
4. Mr. Kreuger's Christmas
3. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
2. The Holiday
1. A Muppet Christmas Carol

Now, I may be missing a few staples....example, I've never seen It's A Wonderful Life.. so please recommed any favorites of yours, and I'll try to get right on it!

BDEM: We had to visit Santa one more time because last time we saw him, Maddie totally froze. So tonight we did our traditional see Santa, Red Robin dinner and train ride. The kids were so great and they all had a wonderful time. But the best moment, by far, was when we placed Ella on Santa's lap. She sat down, looked at him and started giggling. She then smiled and said, "I just tooted on you, Santa!"


Jodi said...

I love the old classics - "The Holiday Inn", "White Christmas" and "Christmas In Connecticut" Kids favorites are "the Grinch" and "The Santa Clause" series. But...I think my all time favorite is "The Year Without A Santa Claus" with the Heat Miser!

Stacey said...

hahaha, now that is funny. i took the girls to see santa on monday and we went potty first but libby kind of peed all over her pants and panties while peeing on the potty. i didn't have a change of clothes so I wasn't going to let libby actually sit on his lap but he pulled her up. I feel really bad for that santa. Wonder if it was the same guy.

john kopp said...

Another holiday tradition from when you were growing up . . . after the presents were done and wrapped, and Santa has finished his hot chocolate and taken the one bite from his cookie, mom and dad would sit and watch "It's a Wonderful LIfe". Jimmy Stewart's the best. And I'm sure your kids will sleep in on Christmas morning too . . . but it was worth it!!

Linz said...

Elf and White Christmas

Lizza said...

Elf and The Family Man. Fo' sho'