Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Couple of Years Ago..

I blogged (basically) all the days of December.  Or at least all the days until Christmas.  At the time it seemed like a huge accomplishment - I never saw the 365 days of blogging coming.  (Confession -  six months into this, I still have to figure out what the heck I am going to be blogging about!)

So once again, I feel I shall return to festive holiday blogging for the next 25 days.  A craft (that I obviously won't do) a recipe (that I have probably already made and polished off) a funny Christmas story or movie reference, etc.  You get the picture - Holiday mode in full force.

To kick things off, I want to take a moment to recycle an old post.  I just feel like this post describes me to a T.

Another Hidden Talent
Originally Posted December 4, 2007

For some reason I am overflowing with holiday cheer. The house is decorated, (with the exception of the outdoor lights that we'll do tonight) the air smells like sweet pine from last night's Christmas tree purchase, I recieved and wrapped two of my friends' gifts today - with several more arriving tomorrow - and to add to that, Madelyn and I made our first gingerbread house this afternoon. It was an adorable little kit from Target, that I was at first a bit weary of. It looked like a lot of hard work from a very talented gingerbread architect. But, who knew - it really wasn't that hard! To the prefessionals it may seem a bit entry-level-ish, but to the untrained eye, I think it's a pretty good match. See if you can tell which one is the "demo" and which one is ours.

BDEM:  My cute patootie (come on spellcheck, I'm SURE that's the right spelling) husband came home for lunch today with Cafe Rio.  It's one of the benefits of having him work so close to home, and having Cafe Rio right on the way.  We sat in the kitchen, ate our tasty lunch, and talked about things we are looking forward to in life.  He's a gem.  

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Deon said...

Nary any significant difference between your house and the demo! You guys did fantastic! I also love that you two went the extra mile and added that retractable roof to your house. Show offs.