Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Before and After

Man, was this little guy brave!  The nurse kept asking, "Is he always this good?!"  And truthfully, the answer was, "Actually, yes!"  He really is such a positive little guy who is wise beyond his years.

I am lucky to be the mother of this toothless little feller.

BDEM: There have been a lot of great moments today.  I'll just list a few - seeing Jude's excitement with his "funny new mouth,"  watching Puss 'N Boots with Rob's family, eating grocery-store (aka -cheap) sushi while blogging, and learning that Claire's fussiness is curable (ear infection)!


Snarr mama said...

What a trooper...love that boy! We saw Puss & boots today too! FUNNY!!

kathryn said...

Oh my gosh, he is adorable without his teeth! What a brave little man!