Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Program

Even though my brother, Dan, still holds the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Christmas Program  {Dan changed lives with his portrayal of an elf in "Wake Up Santa Claus"} Maddie's Christmas songs were pretty darn cute.
Poor little, short Maddie was hidden in a sea of red santa hats - can anyone spot her in this horribly blurry photo?

It was the closest thing to "Where's Waldo?" that I've encountered since the 90's.

So I wanted to get a solo video of her singing her songs: Once There was a Snowman (In English, then Chinese) and I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Ella was doing EVERYTHING she could to distract Maddie, so there are a few seconds of, "uhhhhhhh!?" and me trying to scoot Ella out of the way, but we did our best! 

BDEM:  Definitely seeing Maddie at school.  As I dropped a few gifts off with Maddie's teacher, she said, "I just want to tell you how much I enjoy having Madelyn in my class."  I smiled and thanked her and she continued, "She is the FUNNIEST kid.  She makes me laugh every single day - and honestly, there are not a lot of kids who can do that.  I seriously just love her."

I am a proud, proud Momma!  

Cute kid!  


Jodi said...

She is DARLING! Listening to her sing made me smile - and now I'm going to be singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" all night. Love you miss Maddie!!

Deon said...

You should be a proud mama! Maddie's version of I Want a Hippopotamus absolutely MUST be widely distributed to those nothing but Christmas songs radio stations which play that excruciating version of the song which is obviously sung by some person in their 40's or 50's trying to affect a little kid's voice but failing terribly. Maddie's version is about a kabillionjillionzillion times better!!! Tell her I said so!

john kopp said...

What a great performance!

Something Wilde said...

Oh my goodness! WOW! She's beautiful, and adorable, and wonderful!

And I must say, I loved the bridge between the English and Chinese versions of Once There Was a Snowman.

Stacy said...

That was amazing! I think that video is my BDEM too! So cute! My favorite might have been when the instruments came out! :)

Have I mentioned how beautiful she is? Seriously. Gorgeous!

Dan said...

I still have my Tony award from that performance.

Mandy said...

Greg really enjoyed the performance . . . the hippopotamus song is definitely his favorite Christmas tune :)

mom said...

LOVED it. Wouldn't have been the same without Ella doing the harmony.

Mom said...

I miss Maddie Mad Mad. Video Chat soon??