Monday, November 07, 2011

Again, With the Redheads...

Everywhere.  People who want to talk about your redheaded children are EVERYWHERE.  It's just an open invitation for strangers to tell you their life story, where the redheads fall in their family, how desperately they "tried" to have a redhead {I don't get that one - is there a magical concoction I don't know of?} And today was another gem of a moment.

Maddie was home sick today, and when she started feeling better, she asked if we could meet Dad for lunch.  As we were walking out of the restaurant, this little old man and his 40-something son were walking out as well.  They kind of passed us - and the son was holding his father by the arm guiding him away, but the old man stopped, turned to us and said, "You wanna hear a story about redheads?"

We have learned that this is a very important common thread amongst people, so we smiled and said, "sure!"

With a huge grin he said, "My wife said that she'd die for a redheaded grandchild.  She finally got one, then she died.  So be careful what you wish for."

What on earth are you supposed to say to THAT?  Rob and I stood there, staring blankly at the old man. The 40-something son shot us a look that said, "I'm so sorry - crazy old Dad," and they walked away.

After a silent walk to the car Rob asked, "He said his wife died, right?"


"Well, THAT was weird!"

BDEM:  I have this friend at church who has been a huge inspiration for my weight loss.  Over the past few years he has lost a ridiculous amount of weight, along with becoming a devout runner.  I love reading about his ups and downs - and remembering the truth in weight loss and exercise. 

 I had one of those days where I didn't eat terribly, but I didn't eat great.  I'll most likely hit the scale tomorrow morning and see the exact same number staring up at me as I saw this morning.  Because I was feeling just "meh" about my daily diet, I was contemplating sitting down with a treat when I was done blogging.  One of those, "I I might as well..." attitudes.  I stopped by his blog, read his post, and remembered one of the things I told myself early on in the diet days.  "A bad food day can EASILY turn into a worse food day, if I just give up on the calorie count."  

Thanks, Bruce for the post...a day that I don't gain is a win!

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Bruce said...

Thanks for the link back to my blog!

We have a red head too and we'vehad a few comments as well. The difference is ours is about 22 years older than yours! She refers to here hair as strawberry blonde.

Great post!