Thursday, November 10, 2011

The red envelope arrived in the mail today carrying Captain America.  Neither one of us have seen it - so I'm looking forward to sitting down now, and doing a bit of this....glasses and everything. I hope it's good.  Any reviews you're willing to share?

BDEM:  I ran over and used this coupon - 

and bought the skinny jeans I've been wanting to buy.  Although, now that I'm at home I'm wondering if I bought the wrong size.  Does an A at the end of your size mean that I bought the short kind?  At gap isn't R regular and A ankle (short) - or something along those lines?  Because now I'm questioning the length...hey - how was I supposed to know? I've never owned skinny jeans - what a WEIRD adjustment.

Oh, and if you're interested, save the pic to your desktop, print it up and use it for yourself!  Happy shopping!  


Something Wilde said...

We LOVED Captain America...I know that probably doesn't mean much coming from us, but...there you have it.'ll need to return those jeans. Or send them to me, although they are probably too small for me at the moment. Hmmm.... A=for mary. R=for melissa.

Mom said...

Kudos on the skinny jeans...long...short or anywhere in between! So happy for you! PICS!