Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrity Style Match Up

Who wore it better?

Madelyn rocked the tan carpet in a sheik, retro-rocker get-up...
While Jude took the opportunity to show off his long, pale gams in a barely-there hoodie.

I'm not sure I can pick a winner this round.

BDEM:  With all these sick kids, even five minutes of fun can turn your day around.  My friend Stacy (who if you remember from THIS post, I always seem to call Jamie) came over to drop off some unused baby food - and lifted my spirits.  She even listened and watched intently as my kids showed her break dancing, Toy Story toys and injuries.  Thanks for popping by, Stacy!  Loved seeing you this afternoon!  


Stacy said...


Ok I finally got to see the original post! I swear I have read every single one of your posts and somehow I missed that one?

You are hilarious Melissa.

And lets be real, I've definitely been called worse! :)

We need to hang out more, its so much more fun to be a mom when there is another mom to sit and chat with, don't you think?

Deon said...

Your color commentary of the fashion parade is spot-on! You should write for OK Magazine or Joan Rivers of the E! channel's Fashion Police. (Maybe you'd manage to keep her mouth clean.)