Thursday, November 17, 2011


When Ella was born, and actually for most of her life, everyone has said that she looks JUST LIKE ROB! But recently, someone saw this picture that my dad posted of me on facebook and people started saying that she looks just like me.  I've NEVER seen any of my family in her, but perhaps I'm wrong. I'm not sure, with the exception of Jude, that any of my kids look like me.  Maybe I actually have been birthing Stefanie's red-headed children as she likes to assume!

BDEM:  While Maddie was at school and Jude was at his buddy's birthday party, I was able to spend a little bit of one on one time with Ella (Claire was there, but she was really quiet - so it was close enough).  I told her maybe we could go out for some ice cream together so she had something fun to do, too.  I explained that first we had to go to Target to get a few things, then we'd go out for a "just girls" ice cream. As we walked through the frozen food section she saw the ice cream and said we needed to buy some.  I reminded her of our next stop -  but she then told me we needed to buy THAT ice cream, so we could take it home and share with Maddie and Judy (as she calls him - yes, I realize Judy is a girl's name - no, I don't even kind of care - I actually think it's pretty cute.)  So we bought the ice cream, and shared it with Maddie and Judy after dinner.  

What a sweetie.  

Don't worry, she realized her mistake and immediately took care of that by punching Jude in the back.  

There's my girl!  


Deon said...

Wham! Two things hit me like a ton of bricks while looking at these pics: Jude looks just like your brothers and you could pass for your little sis! Yes.

Wilson Family said...

Ummm, Ella looks EXACTLY like you! So cute! I love the ice cream story too... Very sweet.

kathryn said...

I never think my kids look like me, either.

But your kids do look like you, Melissa.

Bruce said...

I love a story that has a good punch line! (even if it is in the back)