Thursday, November 03, 2011


This is a sad...but true story.  It's not sad because it's true, it's sad because it's pathetic.  It's sad because it in turn means that I was pathetic.

Was being the operative word here.  I now struggle with being too awesome.  But it's a humble awesome.  

When I was a little girl, I saw this video on Sesame Street.  I think I watched a LOT of Sesame as a kid.

(I wish my UPS man was in as big of a hurry as that milk truck driver)

Now that I have kids of my own, I'm realizing this is kind of a weird video.  And a bit long for the attention span of most kids.

However, when I was little, and I watched this video, I would feel very sad.  Why?  Because I was 100% positive that I was the screaming little girl in that video.  I thought that when I was a baby, my parents had forgotten to buy milk, and they caught it all on tape.  So whenever I saw it, I would get lost in a memory that wasn't even real.  Yeah, I was kind of a odd kid.  If that's not strange enough, I also thought this was me:

(This is a really long video - I come in around the 9:15 mark)

...I sure was cute in that last one!

(Just a last minute thought....wouldn't it be interesting if that was the crying milk baby five years later?)

BDEM: Oh, I had a lovely baking day today.  I made some really yummy blondies and also some delicious Italian breadsticks to go with the lasagna bake.  I'll share some recipes later.  YUM!  Now I just have to avoid the kitchen until I send them to work with Rob tomorrow.  Easier blogged than done.  


Stacy said...

You have an amazing memory!

I don't even remember which cartoons I watched! Seriously!

Stef said...

I just laughed until I peed. (Bladder control isn't what it used to be.)

john kopp said...

Yes Melissa, Sesame Street actually came into our house and filmed you in your crib. And I was the hustling truck driver. You got no food for 3 days to get you to cry like that, and that is also why your cheeks in this video were so small. I can't believe I never told you about that!
p.s. Was I suposed to call you back earlier this week?

Melanie & David said...

The kid you thought you were in the second video was MY FAVORITE! I remember loving that stinking cute little girl! But I think I was older than I that much older than you?!?!?! Good post.

Mandi said...

Paul and I sing the Milk song all the time! I had forgotten it was from that video. I remember being very entranced by that and stressed out for you!

Isn't classic Sesame Street THE BEST?! A couple months ago I was showing Oliver some of them and he can't get enough. Remember the noo noo noo typewriter? The yup yup aliens? The baker that always fell down the stairs with his pastries??? The best!! I think they should bring classic Sesame Street back. For my kids, of course.