Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I have this friend....

and she has meant the world to me. We've been "together" since 1999 and have been through a lot together. She was my roommate, my late-night drive-thru buddy, she set Rob and me up, we were bridesmaids at each other's weddings, we've vacationed together, she's the first person who comes to see me in the hospital after I've had a baby, and she always knows exactly where to take me for my birthday.

You get the picture...she's awesome, and I'm a better person for knowing her.

This past year, she has been through so much that I can't even begin to explain.  And today, especially, I am thinking of her, praying for her, and loving her very, very much.

Hang in there, my friend.  Love you always!

BDEM:  Today Jude came up to me and very randomly said, "Mom....I know why Jesus gives people hair."  

"Oh, really buddy?  Why is that?"

"So they won't look weird."

I said, "Well, what about Gordon, from Sesame Street?  He doesn't have any hair!"

"Well, he doesn't look too weird.  But that's because he has hair and just shaves it off."

"Isn't that the same as not having hair?"

"Well, kind of...I guess it's not too weird looking.   Hey Mom - I know why Jesus gave people stomachs.."

"Oh yeah?"

"Because people would look REALLY weird if they were just a head and feet."  


kathryn said...

I've been thinking about Stefanie all day. Love and prayers to her and her family. <3

john kopp said...

To your good friend Stef . . . thinking of you today too. . . and hoping everything goes ok.

john kopp said...

And about Jude's comment . . . Hahahaha! Do you remember the young lady that when she learned about "gaining a body" when coming to earth . . . pictured all of us floating around with just our heads . . . waiting to get a body . . .

Stef said...

Thanks so much BFF. Love you forever.

Mom said...

I wish logic stayed as simple for adults as it is for kids! Whatever they come up with to explain the world just seems to be enough for them...and how do we know it isn't so?