Saturday, November 12, 2011


Even though it's the last thing I WANT to be doing right now, I figured I'd blog really quickly before passing out on the couch.  Sickness has taken over our home in the last twenty four hours, and we all just seem to feel like junk.  Maddie has been home from school for several days - and was finally put on an antibiotic - but still sounds like she has whooping cough.  Jude is worn out and coughing a lot now, too. Rob and I have been feeling something coming all week, but it seems to be settling in.  We are adults - we can handle it.  But the SADDEST thing is that it hit Ella really, really hard this afternoon.  Just in time for the last minute birthday party I was trying to force into this busy day.  She cried, slept, whined, and pouted through the entire thing.  We didn't even sing happy birthday or cut the cake.

The story is long, but I don't feel like getting into it right now.  I'll share some really pathetic pictures tomorrow...hopefully we all feel much better then!

BDEM:  Rob and I went to Stephanie's Mom's funeral today.  It was one of those amazing funerals where you feel proud to have been a part of the life of such a wonderful and kind woman.  Stephanie sang a beautiful song, and brought tears to the eyes of every person in that room.  I know it seems odd to have a funeral as the BDEM, but the amazing talks that were given, and the strong spirit that was felt uplifted everyone that was there. 

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