Sunday, November 13, 2011

"A chair fell on Jude and there's blood pouring out of his head."

That was the line that my totally composed 11(ish) year old niece calmly stated as she carried Jude up a flight of stairs.  I looked over and his head was covered in blood along with his face and shirt.  I took one look, and freaked!  Upon seeing the amount of blood, I panicked and immediately said, "We've got to get this kid to the hospital!"

Luckily there were people around me to better assess the situation and look at the damage before I called 911 in complete hysterics.  It was a good sized gash, but we were able to stop the bleeding and get the cute kid cleaned up.I am so glad that I wasn't alone - my stomach was shaking in panic! Thanks to everyone that was there to calm me down.

I still cannot get over how unbelievably mature my niece Lexi was.  She was in the basement when it happened, and instead of running upstairs screaming to everyone that Jude was going to bleed to death (like I probably would have) she scooped him up with her arms under his legs and behind his back, and carried him to his parents.  UP A FLIGHT OF STAIRS!  Jude's no itty-bitty four year old, either - Lex was carrying someone more than half her size.  How amazing is that little hero of the day?!  Get that kid into medical school, asap - she could be an amazing doctor or nurse.

Thanks again, Lexi!  Love you!!

Jude after getting cleaned up.  He was looking up at Lexi who was also trying to distract him from the pain by asking what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas.  I on the other hand spent my time whimpering and telling him that it looked so painful.  I'm so good at this kind of stuff!  

BDEM:  It's been a long, great day - but I have to say that taking off my 3 inch-heel boots after walking in them for fourteen hours just felt like HEAVEN!  I'm surprised I could even pull my swollen feet out of those puppies.  


Jodi said...

I showed Lexi your post and she just smiled from ear to ear! She was glad she could help. She does keep her composure in those circumstances - she was the one that took care of Coleman until I got home to take him to get his stitches. Glad little Juders is okay - he was pretty brave himself!
PS-I'll have to look into medical school...and start saving now!

Sara said...

and here I am whining about my day... You amaze me.

oh, and THANK YOU!!