Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Funday...

If the whole point of our Christmas shopping date was to have fun, then we were totally successful.  If the whole point was to get everything we wanted at a killer deal, then we were somewhat successful.  I think I prefer the first option.

On top of all the shopping and eating on our long-day-date, we had planned on seeing a movie.  There really wasn't much we wanted to see without our kids, so we went bowling...again.  Maybe I've never mentioned it before, but Rob and I are bowlers.  It's OUR thing.  When we become empty nesters we are fairly sure our life will be filled with bowling, traveling and fly fishing. But that's obviously while we are running our private resort.  So much to do!

Today I bowled a 171, a 147 and a 103 - in that order.  171 isn't my all time high - but it's pretty close.  (I should have stopped while I was ahead). I think 177 was my best game, so it was almost a record breaking day.

Oh - but we did break the fun record.


BDEM:  AN ENTIRE DAY WITH JUST MY HUSBAND!  He didn't complain once about the time we shopped, the crowds, the traffic or the smothering heat in H&M.  He actually outwardly enjoyed a black friday with the wifey.  Possibly another record.  Tradition started.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with the kids today! 

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Deon said...

Just when I thought it was impossible to adore you any more, you go and tell me that you and Rob are bowlers? Really? I love bowling! It is probably the only sport where I can very occasionally outscore the rest of my family. Um, from the looks of things, I don't think I could outscore you, though!

I have such fond memories of our Naperville ward's annual Thanksgiving Day bowling hoohah! That was so fun for those of us who counted on the ward members to be our family on that day :D