Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Commenter

Lately I feel like commenting is kind of on the outs for blogs - like it's losing its appeal.  Since starting the blog-a-day thing, I've seen my number of readers go way up, while my commenting has gone way down. Rob asked me the other day if that bothered me, and my immediate answer was, "No - it seems like it's that way on all of my friends' blogs, too."  Which really is a bummer - I think everyone loves a good comment, right?

After that I also added, "And the good news is, we always know Deon will comment."

Have any of you seen the funny comments from Deon?  I get asked a lot how I know her, so I figured I'd share the connection.  Deon and I went to the same church back in Illinois, and she and her husband were good friends with my parents.  Her kids were some of the first I have ever babysat - and DEFINITELY some of the best!  Deon and I lost touch for probably a good fifteen (maybe) years, and I somehow found her blog - and stalk it.

Her blog is one of those that cheers me up, makes me laugh, and just shows exactly who she is.  She is witty, she is crafty, she is ever-so-fashionable, and is listed under top five kindest people I have ever met.  She is genuine to the end, and has a heart made of pure gold.  The funny thing is....I still haven't seen Deon in person since the blogs rekindled our friendship, yet oddly, via blog, I still feel so close to her!

It is because of that - I wanted to give her this award.

This award would be a lot cooler if I was better at photoshop....still learning in my "free" time.  AND there is melting frozen yogurt waiting for me....but really, the main reason is the photoshop.

I love you, Deon - you are amazing.   Now - go visit her blog HERE.  She's hilarious.

BDEM:  I think it will be eating the frozen yogurt that is melting on my end-table.  I have been blessed with not one, but TWO cold sores!  WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!  My mouth is on FIRE!  Hopefully the frozen yogurt will make me feel numb.  If only it could help numb the emotional scarring that comes with my leprosy as well!


Lisa said...

This award could be given for my blog as well! Deon is so faithful with her comments and her comments are so amazing! Where does she come up with that articulate, witty verbage!? I love her! And people ask me about her too! And on another note, yes...where are the people who used to comment?! If you notice, I have been kind of "begging" for comments lately! haha! Congrats, Deon!

Linz said...

She definitely deserves this award! Sometimes I feel like commenting on Deon's comments!! She's awesome!

Wilson Family said...

Yeah, you should get the commenter award on my blog! I get like 0-3 a post now. So sad. I always love reading your blog though, even if I don't comment. I blame my iphone. It's annoying to comment on. :) By the way, we're coming to Utah December 3-10 and we'd love to see you guys!

Deon said...

As Ralph Kramden would say, "Humina, humina, humina . . . " I'm stuck, and I just don't know what to say--especially since the pressure is on to be a good commenter (yikes)!

Seriously though, Melissa. Do you know how wonderful this makes me feel? All of those very thoughtful things you wrote about me make me feel so humble and so grateful for a friend like you. And, the fact that you would even go to the trouble to create the award says much, much more about YOU and the kind soul that you possess than it does about me. And THAT, my adored friend, makes what you wrote about me all the more special. Thank you so much for lifting my heart with your own tender and kind heart. I SIMPLY LOVE YOU!!!

Bruce said...

Comments definitely make your day when you blog. I think there is some truth that trying to comment on a blog from a mobile device can be hard and we are more likely to read from our smaller devices now.

It is also hard to comment as much as you would like when you keep adding blogs to follow.

Keep a blogging away!

Something Wilde said...

How can you NOT comment on a comment blog post? You just can't! So here's my comment.